Web Maintenance

A website for any type of business is one of their largest and most valuable marketing pieces. If the website goes down, this can cost your business time, money, and even customers.

Keeping everything updated and secure is the most important thing you can do for your business. GAC Marketing provides two separate  monthly maintenance plans to keep your website running at full preformance and protection.

Pro Maintenenace-This monthly plan covers all of the bases to keep your website up and running.

Pro Plus Maintenance– This monthly plan is a step above the Pro and it provides extras such as monthly reports, and one free hour of development time.

Do I have to purchase a maintenance plan?

No you do not have to purchase a maintenance plan but it is  highly recommended.  Outdated versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes are the leading cause of website hacks and crashes.

Not only do outdated plugins leave your site vulnerable but they also affect performance and speed.

are there any contracts?

There are no contracts -If you sign up for a monthly plan you can cancel at anytime.

What if my site crashes and i didn't purchase a maintenance plan?

We still would be able to fix and restore your website but it will be at our normal hourly rate of $45.00.

do you offer discounts?

Yes. If you purchase a year of maintenance you will recieve a 20% discount on either the Pro or Pro Plus plans. 

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